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Zoho Sites icon Build websites with this online solution that offers an extensive range of features, templates and pre-designed sections easy to personalize.

Zoho Sites is a browser-based tool that enables you to create websites within a visual and intuitive building platform easily. Select a template, add images, videos, and text, integrate predefined elements, and use the HTML and CSS editors if you have some coding knowledge to customize each page further.

Start by choosing an impactful name for your website, then pick the most suitable pattern from the list provided by the dev team. However, do not think this is an irreversible decision. You can change the template later without losing the site’s content.

After following these steps, the software launches the builder section and displays the home page divided into three distinct parts: the banner, the body, and the footer. Click the “+” symbol on the upper left side of the window to add elements to any of these areas, then drag and drop the necessary item. The other option is to hover the mouse over the field where you want to include a new function, press the “+Add” button and pick the component from the left panel.

When inserting or clicking an element, the app shows one or many pop-up tool boxes to let you adjust its appearance and functionality. Modify the text’s font, size or alignment, attach animations, alter a button’s label, style or link, combine icons, and create anchors.

Make sure the banner area contains significant images and information because these details catch visitors’ attention the most when they access a website. Change the default picture, add slides, then choose a transition effect, a slider interval, a controller symbol, and a navigation arrow.

You can show content on multiple pages and insert predefined sections, apps, and forms, besides straightforward elements such as text, images, icons, buttons, tables or dividers.

Preview your design to see how it is going to appear on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, then click “Publish” to get the website online.

Bottom Line

Zoho Sites provides a user-friendly building platform to help you create professional-looking websites in just a few minutes, without having to type any line of code if you do not have programming skills. It includes a vast collection of templates, elements and predefined sections that you can quickly customize to display the content flawlessly. Preview the site to see how it looks on different devices, then publish the final version of your design.

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