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Wishlistr icon Use this online application to record all the things you want from the web, organize the wish lists using various templates and share them with close people.

Wishlistr is a straightforward browser-based app that enables users to collect in a single place everything they desire from the web. It lets them systemize items with different templates for birthdays, weddings or holidays, rearrange elements, attach images and share the wish list with friends and family.

Right after setting up the account, the online software displays a very friendly interface and invites you to start creating a gift catalog via the “Add an item” button. When pressing that toggle, it expands a pop-up panel at the bottom of the page where you must enter a title, a link, and an optional comment then drag an image directly from the web or upload it from PC, to provide information about the object you would like to receive.

Include as many items as you crave in the list and edit them by clicking on the pencil icon which appears when moving the mouse cursor above them. You may also change the order to place the most desirable ones on top and delete those articles that are out of date.

Open the “Settings” area to customize the appearance with one of the available templates and click on “Preview” to see if you made the best choice. Activate the “Reserve” function to enable friends and family to claim items on your catalog and avoid this way the risk of getting duplicate gifts.

When you are satisfied with the list’s design, launch the “Tools” option integrated into the upper right-side menu to share it with everyone. You can display the URL directly on Facebook and Twitter using the links presented there or send it in the content of an email.

Bottom Line

Wishlistr aims to help you communicate with friends and family the gifts you would like to receive by keeping track of all the things wanted from the web. The app has an easy to use interface where you can collect an unlimited number of items, attach images, arrange them in the desired order and share the final list.

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