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Saved icon Store as many bookmarks as you want with this simple online application that works just as well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Saved.io is a straightforward browser-based app that promises to help you to group in a single place all the useful information found on the web by creating bookmarks. Enter URLs as you discover them, customize titles, write additional notes, point out the unvisited links and select the most significant one to stay on top of the list.

The online software has a very clean interface, with a brief menu integrated on the left side of the window, from where you can access all the primary features.

You must point your attention to the more extensive section on the right to start storing links and insert URLs one at a time in the text box specially designed for this operation, then press “Enter.”

The bookmarks come into your list in order of their creation, with the newest positioned at the top. The lineup includes not only their names, but also the saving times, and lets you edit any element using the option that appears when hovering the mouse above. Besides changing the title or the URL, in the editing area, you can write notes on that topic and activate the “Sticky” function to keep a specific link on top of the list, in front of the newest ones.

Among the additional features provided by this application is that of indicating the bookmarks you did not visit after saving them, to help you not forget any valuable information.

Modify the number of links displayed on a page and change the save position from the top to the bottom of the page. Choose to come straight to the edit page when storing a new URL if you always apply custom titles and use notes.

In the end, the online solution enables you to also export the bookmarks list, in the form of an HTML file, for further usage in other browsers.

Bottom Line

Saved.io is a web-based app developed to help users avoid the risk of losing bookmarks created in different browsers and organize URLs in the same location, in the cloud. It lets them store an unlimited number of links, modify titles, attach notes, select a top bookmark and search the lists to find the desired resources.

Included in the free version

  • Although Saved.io is free to use, it relies on the support of pro members to keep development going.

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