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QuickReviewer icon Use this online tool to get instant feedback on your files from colleagues, analyze each remark and make the necessary revisions.

QuickReviewer aims to help teams improve their work productivity by enabling members to collaboratively examine digital documents, add comments and make the required changes before submitting the final version of a project. The browser-based solution stimulates them to spend more time on creative activities and reduces dependency on emails.

Once created the account, the app launches “My Documents” section and invites you to upload the first images, videos, HTML ads or PDF documents using the “Add New” button placed on top of the left side panel.

Next, select one or more files and press the “Share” icon in the menu that appears above to give your colleagues the right to comment or only view the content. Insert their email addresses and disable, if necessary, the option to download the shared items for offline analysis.

An unlimited number of persons can join the project as reviewers after opening the invitation link received by email and accessing the distributed files from the “Shared with me” tab on the left panel.

To begin the review operation, you must open the image, video or document by double-clicking on it and manage the tools integrated on top of the new window, that vary depending on the file type. For instance, when examining an image, you may use sticky notes and rectangular annotations to express observations, while for a PDF document the app also lets you highlight or strikethrough text.

The other team members cannot only see the comments made by their colleagues but also respond to them inside the slider panel that appears on the right, each user having a different color code for easy differentiation.

After evaluating every suggestion and making the requested modifications, you must select the old file, click on the “Upload Revision” icon and transfer the new one. This way the team gets to see the current and the previous versions of a document, image or video, and even compare them side-by-side.

Bottom Line

QuickReviewer is a web-based app that encourages teams to analyze documents, images, videos or HTML ads collaboratively, post annotations, respond to others’ comments, make revisions, and compare newer versions with old ones. It also lets them assign tasks, set deadlines and reduce the effort of tracking dozens of emails.

Included in the free version

  • Collaborative review and approval
  • Video, HTML, PDF and Image review
  • File sharing
  • Reply to comments
  • Reviewer and Page views
  • Version control
  • Unlimited reviewers
  • 100MB storage

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