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OurHome icon Delegate responsibilities, build and share grocery lists, offer benefits after completing tasks and manage events with this online solution.

OurHome is a browser-based app that enables families to create and assign tasks, manage and keep track of future events, make shopping lists and give rewards for accomplished duties. It provides a comprehensive set of predefined responsibilities and grocery items that users can customize to perfectly suit their needs.

While configuring the account, the software asks you to enter your family’s name and set up a password that all members can use to access the data. Customize your profile, upload a picture, add an email address, and then choose several tasks and grocery categories from the many available options. You can change these sections later and include new ones in the initial series.

After adding family members, the app displays an extensive set of task suggestions from all previously selected categories. Click the “+” icon on the left to transfer the most appropriate recommendations to your list or press the “x” symbol to delete an item and get to see new ideas at the bottom of the dashboard.

The dev team gave a positive or negative score to each of the predefined duties to appreciate activities like taking dishes in the sink after the meal, and to punish bad habits such as whining or lying.

Design custom tasks using the “+” tab located at the top right of the page, specify its duration, due date, and category, change the number of points if the automatically set score is not right, mention if it repeats daily, weekly or after completion, set up reminders and penalties, attach pictures and write helpful notes.

The online software also lets you build grocery lists, include all the vegetables, fruits or household cleaning products that family members have to buy, indicate quantity and point out extra details such as the store.

Use the calendar feature to coordinate family events, give rewards when family members gather a specific score and go to the Zoo together, go camping, buy your children a bike, a new book or a new video game, let them invite friends over, order pizza or go shopping.

Bottom Line

OurHome is a web-based solution that helps you and your family to manage personal and shared responsibilities, create grocery lists and stay up-to-date with upcoming events using the calendar tool. Mark tasks as done after accomplishing them and provide rewards when family members reach a particular number of points.

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