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Grammarly icon Improve your writing skills using this browser-based solution that scans the text for hundreds of errors and displays the necessary corrections, along with the related explanations.

Grammarly is a web-based app that makes sure everything you type for work, school or other projects is mistake-free. It automatically detects grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors, confused words, sentence structure problems, and even plagiarism, then provides accurate suggestions and detailed justifications to help you correct every issue.

Before starting the practical implementation, the online software aims to adjust its features to your needs, so it wants to know if you have beginner, intermediate or advanced writing skills and for what purpose you type the most.

Next, it displays a very friendly and well-organized interface that integrates a concise menu on the left side of the window, from which you may access your profile, modify language preferences and look at a series of differences between American, British, Canadian and Australian English.

The central area of the dashboard has the task of hosting all your documents and even includes a demo text to let you get the first idea about its functionalities.

Upload files from your device to preserve the original formatting options or click on the “New” icon to open the editor, then copy and paste the title and all paragraphs in the intended boxes.

From the desire of providing the most helpful and customized suggestions, the app recommends setting some goals and asks if you intend to inform, describe, convince or tell a story through that text, if the style is formal or informal, and if you target a general, knowledgeable or expert audience. Specify if you try to express mild or strong emotions and select between the general, academic, business, technical, creative and casual domains.

After following these steps, choose to make the necessary revisions with the assistant and see all errors listed on the right side of the page, whether they are spelling, grammar, punctuation or style problems. Place the cursor on any underlined term or group of words to read explanations for each mistake and understand what you did wrong. Then press the left click to apply suggestions one by one.

The grade of your text increases with the correction of each error, and you can also analyze the document’s insights to view the total number of characters, the percentage of unique and rare terms, the average sentence length and the readability score.

The software organizes documents in the dashboard based on the last access time, displays the number of alerts remaining and lets you download or delete any text.

Bottom Line

Grammarly checks for hundreds of common and complex writing issues to provide the best correction suggestions and help users improve their typing skills. The browser-based app offers a comprehensive set of features to scan the text for grammar, spelling, style and punctuation errors, detect plagiarism and justify the reasons underlying each proposed modification.

Included in the free version

  • Critical grammar and spelling checks

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Grammarly was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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