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Drawser icon Exploit your creativity using this free online editor that offers all the necessary tools to help you design vector art from scratch and share the project with others.

Drawser is a web-based app developed for passionate designers which provides them with an extensive range of professional features, completely free of charge. The online vector graphics editor enables users to create art inside a very intuitive workspace, download illustrations as JPEG, PNG or PDF files, and share them with the community members.

You can enjoy the multiple tools of this software either as a guest or sign up with a Google account. If choosing the second option, you have the opportunity to save drawings in Drive, besides the alternative of downloading them to the PC.

Right after clicking on the “New File” tab, the app invites you to define the document’s properties, such as title, page size and orientation, grid size and snapping tolerance, before starting the creative process.

The primary interface displays all the necessary instruments, colors, shapes and layer options in several panels located around the work area. Manipulate any tool to draw elements on your canvas, add rectangles, modify gradients, change the strokes’ width, insert text or deploy the pencil to sketch original pieces.

The graphics editor also lets you apply various filters, adjust contrast and brightness, use different fonts and sizes for the text, show rulers and zoom in to see details as accurate as possible.

After finalizing the design, you can save it in your account, download it on PC as a DRAW project, or export it as a JPEG, PNG or PDF file. As well, the online editor enables you to share the illustration with the community using the “Publish” option that appears when hovering the mouse above it inside the dashboard. Check out the images posted by other users to find new ideas and gain inspiration.

Bottom Line

Drawser is a vector graphics editor that works on your browser, displaying a comprehensive set of features inside a straightforward and intuitive interface. Add shapes, icons, and original elements, complete them with custom colors and any text font from the vast available collection, apply filters and manipulate parameters. In the end, save the illustration, download it to your PC and share with the community.

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Drawser was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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