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Booky icon An easy-to-use browser-based solution that helps anyone to collect bookmarks, classify them into many categories and access links anytime.

Booky enables you to store all your favorite links within a private and extensively customizable page. Organize bookmarks into different categories and multiple dashboards, depending on their subject, language or other aspects, to find what you need quickly.

The online software provides a very clean interface and displays its main features in the upper half of the window. In the settings area, users can personalize the appearance and select a distinct color combination for the page to fit perfectly with their style. Moreover, they may opt to display dashboards as a sidebar instead of a dropdown list, attach notes to their bookmarks, and open websites in new tabs.

After making these adjustments, create a new category for storing your links, type a relevant name for it, pick a color, choose to show it in the right or left column, and then decide its position in the entire list. Now press the “Add Bookmark” button, enter the URL, give it another name if the original one is too long or for other reasons, and click “Done.”

Move bookmarks up and down in a category, edit their URLs or names, and write additional notes to remember significant details. More than that, the app even lets you change the category of already saved links. The operation is straightforward, and all you have to do is to place the cursor over the link’s icon and drag it into the appropriate section.

Create different dashboards for your work and personal links to get an optimal data organization and use the search bar to find everything you need quickly.

Bottom Line

Booky is a straightforward web-based app that lets anyone save their bookmarks online and group elements into various categories and dashboards depending on their topics. Customize your private page with different colors combinations, write additional notes and move links from one section to another if necessary.

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Booky was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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