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AppMakr icon Design and publish Android or iPhone native apps using this online solution that offers a variety of templates and helpful features.

AppMakr lets users not only build Android and iPhone applications but also create mobile HTML5 websites, without writing a single line of code. The browser-based software provides an extensive set of useful features for designing beautiful and functional apps within a straightforward interface.

In the beginning, you must enter a name for the project and, if it is available, choose to design it inside an empty canvas or start the creation process from one of the premade templates. The collection includes patterns developed for small businesses, restaurants, stores, work groups, teams, schools, music bands and more.

During the first step of the drawing, you can add a variety of functions coming from categories like social feeds, photos and videos, news and blogs, locations and in-app shopping, drag any item from the left panel and customize it according to your needs. If selecting a template, the app includes from the start a set of functions, and you may click on any of them to change the title, the icon or the background.

Access the menu displayed on the lower left side of the work area to personalize the start-up and home screen appearance by exploring the extensive collection of pictures, textures, and gradients or using personal pictures. Upload a logo, reshape the menu and the icon style, and adjust the color of the text.

The second step of the building operation wants to make sure that you have chosen the best title and web address, then invites you to pick a web domain for the mobile version. Moreover, select an icon, write a description, compose a welcome message, add at least three tags, select a market category and provide contact information before publishing the app.

Bottom Line

AppMakr aims to help you create Android and iOS applications, along with mobile HTML5 websites, from scratch or using a pre-built template, whether you are a business owner, a blogger or a musician. Choose a compelling name, add various functions, upload images, then publish the app and examine the analytics to find out how many users downloaded it.

Included in the free version

  • No Credit Card Required
  • HTML5 Mobile Website
  • Viewable in 1+ Billion
  • Smartphone Browsers
  • Unlimited Users
  • Live Stats Reporting
  • Custom URL & QR Code
  • User Forum & FAQ Support

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