And even worse than the one of original iPhone X

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Apple has bragged about the battery life of its new-generation iPhones during the September 12 press event, but if a new test is to be believed, the Cupertino-based tech giant actually doesn’t have any reason to praise the 2018 models.

A web browsing battery life test conducted by Tom’s Guide reveals not only that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max do not last as long as their top Android rivals, but also that the original iPhone X scored even better.

Huawei P20 Pro is the device with the best battery life at 14 hours and 13 minutes of web browsing, while Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 come next with 12 hours and 9 minutes and 11 hours and 26 minutes, respectively. OnePlus 6 is fourth with 11 hours and 22 minutes.

iPhone XS Max is only fifth in the charts with 10 hours and 38 minutes, while iPhone XS is far behind with just 9 hours and 41 minutes. For comparison, last year’s iPhone X scored 10 hours and 49 minutes in the same test.

Android devices topping battery tests

When looking at the Android world, the only models that new-generation iPhones manage to outscore are the HTC U12+ and LG G7 ThinQ. However, the nearly 4-hour difference between the battery life offered by the Huawei P20 Pro and the iPhone XS Max is shocking, to say the least, especially after Apple has praised its new-generation device so much.

iPhone XS Max comes with a 3174 mAh battery, while iPhone XS features a 2658 mAh unit. The original model boasted a 2716 mAh battery. For comparison, Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy Note 9, is powered by a 4,000 mAh unit, and the device has offered excellent battery life in the majority of real-life tests.

However, it’s worth noting that iPhone XS battery tests have so far returned mixed results, so it all depends on usage patterns.

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