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We’ve known for a while that a black Surface model is back on the table, and with the October 2 Microsoft event just around the corner, rumor has it that this new configuration could finally see daylight.

And while speculation could always prove to be inaccurate, Microsoft itself has teased a black Surface on its official New Zealand website, emphasizing that Surface is ready to go “back to black.”

The page has already been removed, but this is without a doubt an indication that a black Surface model is on its way.

No specifics were provided as to which model could get the black treatment, but given that the Microsoft website pointed to the original Surface RT as a predecessor of this visual upgrade, there’s a chance the Surface Pro 6 would be the lucky one to get it.

Hardware upgrades too

“In April 2012, Microsoft launched the Surface RT, its sleek black chassis, detachable keyboard and integrated kick stand started a wave of innovation that has no signs of slowing down,” the page read.

“Surface devices have inspired people to draw on their screens, work anywhere, collaborate across the world on 84inch Hubs, crank the volume with dial and even float their all in one screen up and down with a zero gravity hinge. It is safe to say the devices have come a long way in 6 years. But in October 2018, Surface goes Back to Black.”

In addition to the black version, the Surface Pro 6 is also expected to come with hardware upgrades, like a new processor, more RAM, and increased storage. However, there’s a good chance USB Type-C won’t be offered, as Microsoft apparently delays the move to this new connector for at least one more generation.

Pricing could be the same as for the current generation, but Microsoft may offer better value for the money by upgrading the base configuration from 4GB to 8GB RAM.

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