No major announcements expected at the show, it seems

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Microsoft will be holding a new Surface event on October 2, and needless to say, fans across the world expect all kinds of major announcements, from the highly-anticipated Andromeda to a second-generation Surface Studio.

After most of the speculation that made the rounds lately suggested that such launches are unlikely, a new report today indicates that the event itself could be just a big yawn.

In other words, do not expect Microsoft to release substantial product upgrades, and the first indication that this is indeed the plan is the company refusing to live stream the event.

This means fans across the world won’t be able to watch the event, and the company will most likely roll out a series of press releases after the show to share the news with everybody.

As German site DrWindows notes, the time of the event, which kicks off at 4 PM local time, could also be a sign that Microsoft doesn’t want so much attention for the products its plans to launch at the show.

No major announcements

According to the cited source, there’s a chance that some upgrades to the existing models could be launched, possibly with new processors, as well as a new color for at least one of the devices. USB-C could also become a more prominent feature across the Surface product lineup, but other than that, no major release like the Surface Studio 2 is expected.

Without a doubt, a major product release needs a proper launch, and Microsoft would by no means miss the occasion to make everyone aware that a new Surface is coming. This means a live stream would be a must-have, as it’d let people across the world see the device in all its glory.

For the time being, it looks like the October 2 may be nothing to be excited about, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Microsoft is planning something surprising.

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