The Outlook app gets visual retouches on iOS

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The new Outlook app on iOS
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   The new Outlook app on iOS

Microsoft is rolling out a substantial visual facelift for the Outlook app on iOS, with small touches here and there for a modern experience overall.

First and foremost, Microsoft Outlook will soon receive a new icon as part of the Microsoft Office modern update that includes such refinements to all productivity apps in the suite.

Then, Microsoft has focused a lot on small details that can be observed as you use the app, and these include subtle tweaks in terms of colors, shapes, and iconography. There are new animations and slightly redesigned parts of the interface that can be spotted when swiping on an email.

Haptic feedback has also been introduced, so you’ll always know when your input is recorded on an iPhone.

“When you swipe right or left on an email, subtle changes in color, shape, and iconography unfold. The corners of the message transform from hard-edged to soft and round, metaphorically pulling that item away from the message list and sending it where you want it to go—with haptic feedback,” Microsoft explains.

The blue Outlook header

One of the most striking visual improvements is the use of blue in the header of the app. Microsoft says this is an instantly recognizable app that has become more of a symbol for Outlook and this is why it’s being used across mobile email, search, and calendar. The same blue header is also available on larger screens.

The app now also displays user avatars when just one account is configured, and profile pictures are also displayed for contacts. A similar approach is being used for search and meeting invites, so you’ll instantly recognize senders.

“As a native app, we embrace the native font and use of typography, so Outlook feels perfectly at home on your device of choice. The bolder, larger iOS typography, however, shouldn’t compromise the experience, which is why as you scroll on your iPhone and iPad, the size of the header is dynamically reduced to maximize your message list to view and find what you’re looking for,” Microsoft explains.

The new Outlook app is available now for iPhone users (rolling out gradually), and more improvements should be released soon, including a dark mode.

The new Outlook app on iOS

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The new Outlook app on iOS
The new Outlook app on iOS
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