Brings AV1 support in MP4 and numerous new filters

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FFmpeg 4.1 released
   FFmpeg 4.1 released

The FFmpeg project released FFmpeg 4.1, the first major update to the open-source and cross-platform multimedia framework used in numerous multimedia-oriented apps and games.

Dubbed "al-Khwarizmi", the FFMpeg 4.1 release comes six months after the April 2018 debut of the FFmpeg 4.0 "Wu" series. It's a major update that adds lots of new filters, decoders and encoders of all kinds, as well as some exciting new features and enhancements to make FFmpeg the best free multimedia backend on the market.

Highlights of the FFmpeg 4.1 "al-Khwarizmi" release include support for the highly efficient AV1 codec in the MP4 container, an AV1 parser for parsing AV1 encoded streams, Transport Layer Security (TLS)-based mbedTLS support, a SER demuxer, as well as a libtensorflow backend for DNN-based filters like srcnn.

New filters, decoders, encoders, and more

FFmpeg 4.1 ships with several new and updated encoders and decoders. Among these, we can mention ATRAC9 decoder, IMM4 video decoder, Brooktree ProSumer video decoder, MatchWare Screen Capture Codec decoder, WinCam Motion Video decoder, ilbc decoder, and RemotelyAnywhere Screen Capture decoder.

AVS2 video decoders are now available as well in FFmpeg 4.1, implemented via the libdavs2 and libxavs2 libraries. The VC1 decoder has been updated to be bit-exact, PCM vidc decoder and encoder were also added, along with support for decoding S12M timecode in H.264.

There are also numerous new filters in this release, including deblock filter, tmix filter, amplify filter, fftdnoiz filter, adeclick filter, adeclip filter, lensfun wrapper filter, colorconstancy filter, 1D LUT (lut1d) filter, transpose_npp filter, amultiply filter, acrossover filter, chromahold filter, setparams filter, and vibrance filter.

Additionally, the cue and acue filters, aderivative and aintegral audio filters, pal75bars and pal100bars video filter sources, Block-Matching 3d (bm3d) denoising filter, audio denoiser as afftdn filter, (a)graphmonitor filter, yadif_cuda filter, xstack filter, and sinc audio filter source are also included in the FFmpeg 4.1 release.

Under the hood, FFmpeg 4.1 ships with the following updated libraries: libavutil 56.22.100, libavcodec 58.35.100, libavformat 58.20.100, libavdevice 58.5.100, libavfilter 7.40.101, libswscale 5.3.100, libswresample 3.3.100, and libpostproc 55.3.100. You can download the FFmpeg 4.1 source tarball right now from our web portal.

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