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Apple has recently reached $1 trillion market valuation, becoming the first company in the world to be worth that much, but there are several other tech firms that are also growing at a fast pace.

A report published by Interbrand reveals that Apple continues to be the leading brand worldwide with a 16 percent growth in the last 12 months. This accounts for more than $214,480 million in brand valuation.

Google (and parent company Alphabet) is the runner-up in this chart with a 10 percent increase over the previous year, as the brand has added $155,506 million to its total value.

Amazon, on the other hand, which has often been considered one of the companies that may reach $1 trillion market valuation ahead of Apple, has become the top growing brand, according to Interbrand.

Its performance was absolutely impressive, as the research points to a 56 percent growth ($100,764 million), enough to secure the third place in the global charts.

Microsoft, a steady increase

Tech giant Microsoft is fourth with 16 percent increase and $92,715 million, according to Interbrand. Coca-Cola declined 5 percent, but remains fifth in the research, while Samsung reached the sixth place thanks to a 6 percent increase.

Interbrand says Apple managed to remain the leader in the charts mostly because it “responds to today’s ever-changing customer expectations,” adding that the Cupertino-based firm is seen as a luxury product manufacturer. Others are trying to follow this model too, including Samsung.

“Interestingly, we are seeing this desire for luxury drive the premiumization in other categories. Samsung has shifted its price point and design to rival Apple, unveiling phones valued at over $2,000, such as the Samsung W2018. W2018 buyers also receive perks like concierge assistance at airports and subways, free software tech support, and a VIP hotline. The premium end of the mobile phone category was five percent in 2010, and now accounts for 30 percent in 2018,” the research notes.

Facebook fell 6 percent in the chart and fell to the 9th place, followed by McDonalds and Intel with +5% and +10%, respectively.

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