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Fortnite - Battle Royale icon Fortnite is a battle royale game for Android that allows up to 100 players fighting for supremacy on a map that gets increasingly smaller.

The developers from Epic have not stripped the Android version of Fortnite, which means that users will get the full array of features available on all other platforms, including PC and consoles. Players will get to parachute onto an island and try to survive as long as possible.

Of course, it’s possible to collect resources from all over the map in order to build fortifications, while trying to stay alive. An incoming storm reduces the size of the playable map, which means that players are forced to take on other players. Hiding is not an option.

The winner the last player or the last team standing. There are virtually no rules, and pretty much everything is permitted. Users need to keep in mind that Fortnite for Android will not run with USB debugging enabled.

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  • Fight for supremacy on a massive island
  • Build fortifications for stay alive
  • Gather resources
  • Join teams and cooperate

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