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Pichi icon Intuitive, hassle-free image optimization app that can compress, resize and even convert your files with minimal effort, letting you focus on other things

There are plenty of open-source image processing libraries that can help you optimize your pictures, as well as applications that make them accessible to regular users. However, even these are often not as streamlined as many of us would like, and losing a few seconds when processing an image can lead to a lot of wasted time at the end of the day.

Pichi is a small app designed to simplify the process and help you compress your images as quickly as possible, taking full advantage of drag and drop. It forgoes some advanced customization options, but it can save you a lot of time as long as you don’t need to fine-tune every single parameter.

Simple UI that relies on drag and drop

The UI features a simple design, with three areas where you need to drop your images to process them in a certain way. You can either use the default settings, customize a few parameters or just employ the same settings that were used for the last job.

If you go for the advanced mode, you can select one of the presets, which are designed for specific websites. This mode also allows you to convert PNG files to JPEG and resize them. Lastly, you can enable high-quality compression and reduce file size even further, but the operation will take longer.

Just drag your images to optimize them

If you’ve enabled this feature, Pichi will detect when you are dragging images while a user-defined modifier is pressed. Even if the application is closed, it will give you the option of processing the selected images through a smaller UI that appears at the mouse cursor’s position.

When the job has been completed, the app will be shut down automatically to keep desktop clutter to a minimum. This is probably the best way to use the application, especially if you want to process images without interrupting your workflow.

How it differs from other available options

As you are probably aware, there are numerous other applications out there that perform the same task, and some are quite a bit more generous when it comes to the available customization options, allowing you to modify the processing parameters, select the preferred libraries and much more.

With Pichi, the developers have tried to provide you with a simple, effective way to process your images while avoiding unnecessary hassle. It uses a few open-source libraries that have been carefully selected for the job, and they should be suitable for most users. However, not being able to set the JPEG and PNG quality level when compressing images may be a dealbreaker for some.

All in all, Pichi is a great choice for users who are not happy with their current images processing software and need a quicker way to optimize their files. It speeds up your workflow considerably, and it is remarkably intuitive, but keep in mind that it offers limited customization options.

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Pichi was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu

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