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PDF Split and Merge

PDF Split and Merge 4.0.1

Easy split and merge PDF files on Linux

Jan 17th 2019, 15:50 GMT

SciTE 4.1.3

This Open Source and cross-platform application provides a free source code editor

Jan 10th 2019, 16:46 GMT
Gedit Plugins

Gedit Plugins 3.31.4

This project provides a collection of plugins for the Gedit text editor software

Jan 10th 2019, 15:55 GMT

Evince 3.31.4

A lightweight document viewer utility implemented into the GNOME desktop environment

Jan 10th 2019, 15:34 GMT

Gedit 3.31.3

A lightweight word processor with spell checking, for the GNOME desktop environment

Dec 17th 2018, 13:05 GMT
GNU nano

GNU nano 3.2

A CLI text editor originally designed as a Pico editor clone with several enhancements

Nov 12th 2018, 12:46 GMT

Vim 8.1.0470

An Open Source and popular Vi clone that features syntax highlighting, a GUI, and much more!

Oct 15th 2018, 15:08 GMT

Texmaker 5.0.2

This Qt4/Qt5 project provides an Open Source and free LaTeX editor for Linux systems

Apr 20th 2018, 08:30 GMT
TEA text editor

TEA text editor 44.1.1

A fast, pure and open source C++ text editor for Linux and Windows operating systems

Apr 13th 2018, 03:16 GMT
Smjrifle Text Converter

Smjrifle Text Converter 1.0

A simple and cross-platform tool written in Java and designed to allow users to easily convert bet...

Jul 31st 2017, 19:02 GMT

Scribus 1.5.3

A feature-full desktop publishing software for GNU/Linux-based operating systems

May 30th 2017, 17:50 GMT
Sejda PDF Desktop

Sejda PDF Desktop 2.5.0

A cross-platform and full-featured graphical app to help you with all of your PDF related tasks

Mar 31st 2017, 19:58 GMT
Record Editor

Record Editor 0.98.2

A cross-platform, open source and capable programmer's data editor for various files

Feb 22nd 2017, 04:06 GMT

Vivaldi 2.2.1388.34

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

PDF Split and Merge 4.0.1

Easy split and merge PDF files on Linux
PDF Split and Merge

LMMS 1.1.1 / 1.2.0 RC7

One of the best free alternative to commercial apps like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic

SmartGit/Hg 18.2.4

An easy-to-use and cross-platform Mercurial, Subversion and Git client software!

Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98 / 72.0.3626.64 Beta / 73.0.3673.0 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

Mixxx 2.2

A digital DJ system for Linux

Chromium 71.0.3578.98

A safer, faster, reliable, and more stable web browser for a better Internet experience

PPSSPP 1.7.4

An Open Source PSP emulator software for Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, and Blackberry 10

Atom 1.34.0 / 1.35.0 Beta

A hackable, highly customizable text editor for the 21s century, created by GitHub

HandBrake 1.2.0

A GPL'd multi-platform, multi-threaded DVD-Video to MPEG-4 ripper and converter.

CherryTree 0.38.6

A GTK text editor and note taking application for the GNU/Linux operating system

RaspEX 181223

A Linux ARM operating system for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 computer boards, based on Debian and Ubuntu

Mudlet 3.16.0

A MUD client for Linux

Cinnamon 4.0.9

A fully customizable fork of the GNOME Shell user interface for GNU/Linux operating systems

LibreOffice 6.1.4 / 6.2 RC1

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms
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  • Atom
  • HandBrake
  • CherryTree
  • RaspEX
  • Mudlet
  • Cinnamon
  • LibreOffice
  • Vivaldi
  • PDF Split and Merge
  • LMMS
  • SmartGit/Hg
  • Google Chrome
  • Mixxx
  • Chromium
GNU sed

GNU sed 4.7

The GNU streams editor

Feb 6th 2017, 02:21 GMT

FocusWriter 1.5.6

A full-screen text editor for Linux

Jun 27th 2016, 06:08 GMT

Vrapper 0.66.0

An Open Source and totally free Vim-like editing plugin for the Eclipse UI design tool

Apr 6th 2016, 21:21 GMT

Quex 0.65.10

Quex is a Mode Oriented Directly Coded Lexical Analyser Generator.

Dec 30th 2015, 07:38 GMT

Recoll 1.21.2

A full text search tool for GNU/Linux systems, specifically designed for the KDE project

Oct 9th 2015, 23:08 GMT

TreeLine 2.0.2

A free and small tool that stores any kind of information on your Linux operating system

Oct 8th 2015, 05:54 GMT

QXmlEdit 0.9.0

A simple, cross-platform and Open Source Qt4 XSD viewer and XML editor application

Oct 2nd 2015, 04:43 GMT

Poedit 1.8.4

An Open Source and cross-platform gettext translation catalog (.po file) editor for Linux

Aug 19th 2015, 22:53 GMT

Jubler 5.0.5

A powerful and easy-to-use subtitle editor that works with SRT and SUB subtitles

Jun 29th 2015, 15:38 GMT

qNotesManager 0.9.6

A cross-platform and free applicaiton that helps users to keep and organize their notes

Jan 5th 2015, 12:28 GMT

Gaupol 0.28

A capable, powerful and easy to use and install subtitle editor for text-based subtitles

Dec 9th 2014, 08:04 GMT

OmegaT 3.1.8

An Open Source and totally free CAT (Computer Aided Translation) application for Linux

Dec 8th 2014, 10:57 GMT

AegiSub 3.2.1

A general-purpose, cross-platform and Open Source subtitle editor with ASS/SSA support

Oct 13th 2014, 12:41 GMT

SILVERCODERS DocToText 4.0 Build 1512

A cross-platform and Open Source CLI utility for extracting plain text from many documents

Oct 10th 2014, 06:55 GMT

isort 3.9.0

A plugin for automatic sorting of Python imports in the Kate or Pate applications

Sep 6th 2014, 18:02 GMT

Kate 4.13.1

A multi-document, multi-view text editor for KDE Plasma Workspaces and Applications

May 15th 2014, 06:06 GMT

medit 1.2.0

A programmer's text editor that is simple and easy to use, running on for UNIX/Linux and Windows O...

Apr 3rd 2014, 14:58 GMT
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