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Tactical Craft Online Client icon Battle other players on an open map, build fortifications and craft the desired weapons in this sandbox TBS

Although Minecraft was designed primarily as a single-player experience, given the survival aspect of the game, it evolved past that into what it is today. There are countless servers out there with people that either share a passion for building stuff, or they are just eager to frag each other. Either way, the game has come a long way from a simple block builder with the occasional creeper to ruin your fun.

A turn-based sandbox game with tactical elements

Tactical Craft Online is pretty difficult to describe in just a few words, because it encompasses many different elements under its hood. It looks like a top-down tactical game at a first sight, but then there’s crafting, trading, player-vs-player battles, building, and a few other gimmicks. In fact, it can be overwhelming at first, especially since the tutorial can be a bit disorienting.

The first issue you’ll have to deal with is the camera controls, which are a tad weird. You can rotate and zoom in/out using the mouse, but the panning is done with your keyboard. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it shouldn’t be impossible to do so. Additionally, things get pretty hectic once a fight begins, especially if there are many players involved.

Switch between real-time and turn-based

Although the battles and enemy encounters take place in turns, the actual building and exploration is done in real-time, as you would expect. Hence, you can take your time and build all sorts of fortresses and defenses, although it takes a while to gather the necessary resources. On the same note, any in-game object can be destroyed, so you can basically only slow down your enemies.

As far as the graphics and the rest of the technical elements are concerned, the game is quite basic, and it could use a few improvements. The graphics are not necessarily bad, but the textures can get a bit too repetitive sometimes. Granted, everything is randomly generated, so it really depends on the algorithms that create your world.

An intriguing game concept that needs polishing

While Tactical Craft Online still has a bit of work ahead of itself, the idea is not bad at all. However, the implementation is not the best out there, and you might stumble into a few bugs, which is only natural for such an early version.

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Tactical Craft Online Client was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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Tactical Craft Online Client 0.5.8

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