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Endless Battle icon Enjoy an MMO that focuses solely on the PVP aspect of combat, combining standard battleground formats and even MOBA-style map designs

Whenever you reach level cap in an MMORPG, you usually follow one of two paths: you either continuously do PvE content in order to finish the story, get the best gear or just get better at raiding, or you take up arms in the arena and join other players in bashing each other's heads in.

The problem with most MMOs out there is that most of them are pretty big, and those that are more interested in doing arenas might find 90% of the game content rather irrelevant to them.

If you share in that opinion, then you should give Endless Battle a try, for it is an MMO that is solely focused on your doing arenas.

A bit of this, a bit of that

As far as graphics are concerned, the game looks and behaves impeccable, as it indeed manages to polish up the visuals of the source materials it is inspired from.

Apart from that, the game borrows a lot of elements from other known and familiar titles, probably trying to capitalize on their popularity to build its own.

For example, any veteran WoW player will probably notice that most of the soundtrack is taken from the BGs in WoW, while the combat seems taken out of a Smite sketchbook.

Play up until a limit

The class system is rather basic, as you only have five classes that can be individually customized with various skills, but all of them hidden behind a paywall or a grind-wall.

Unfortunately, even if you become an avid player, you'll be disappointed to know that there's a daily limit to how much you can earn, meaning that long play sessions are worthless, except if you just want to hone your skills.

Not very balanced

However, the problem is that the game isn't much about how well you play, but what class you choose, since the rock-paper-scissors deal you see in most MMOs is taken to the extreme here. One good example is how a warrior can easily wipe out three mages before they can even blink, but how it takes forever to get a paladin down to half HP.

The matches are short, so those that aren't going in your favor won't be there to wreak havoc on your nerves, as some of them lasted even under 10 minutes.

A guilty pleasure above all else

Endless Battle doesn't impress much by what it brings to the table, except for the concept of a PVP-only MMO, and maybe the admittedly polished graphics. But if you ignore that, the game will just feel like a Frankenstein game made up of different popular titles, but which do not blend seamlessly.

Regardless, the game is fun and great for a 20-minute break or a game session.

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Endless Battle was reviewed by Teodor Nechita
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