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Project Perfect Citizen icon Investigate people and look for bad guys in this government surveillance simulator

Modern technology made our lives easier in many ways, but it also made it easier for people to spy on other people. In fact, computers and smartphones are practically gateways that allow anyone with enough know-how to find out everything about you, including private conversations and personal preferences in regards to literature, movies and music.

Find the bad guys and put them behind bars

Project Perfect Citizen is an interesting game in which you play the role of a government agent tasked with spying on people in order to catch terrorists and other bad guys. It features a unique gameplay style, one that simulates a computer desktop and a few mock applications designed to help you identify suspicious individuals and find out more about them.

As such, the entire interface looks like Windows 3.1, which should be pretty alien to anyone under 25. You play the role of a freshly hired agent who starts receiving his first serious cases, and it is your job to find all the evidence you can find on the targets. Things evolve along the way, on the other hand, and you’ll soon start wondering if the people you investigate are good or bad.

Use your wits to figure out connections

Although there’s a tutorial to get you started, there’s more than enough thinking you have to do on your own, which includes figuring out who is your prime suspect. After that, you are automatically logged into the target’s computer, from where you can start your in-depth investigation. This is achieved by reading emails and various documents, but since some of them are protected with passwords, there are some puzzles you have to solve as well.

As you might have already guessed, the graphics are about as simple as they can get, but the interface looks very authentic. In fact, windows can be dragged around just like in an actual operating system, and you can have multiple files open at once. Still, you might have to get used to the interface in the beginning, because not everything works as it does on a modern OS.

An original idea that’s worth a shot

When it’s all said and done, Project Perfect Citizen is certainly something new, which means that it’s worth a try even if you are not necessarily a fan of the genre. In addition, there’s a lesson about government surveillance somewhere in there as well.

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Project Perfect Citizen was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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