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Pokémon Uranium icon Explore a vibrant world, catch pokemon and use them to save the world from villains in this fan-made adventure game

There’s no denying that Pokémon is one of the most popular fantasy universes in the world even now, two decades after it was first released. Pokémon Go proved that once more recently, given the fact that there are millions of players running around with smartphones in their hands and looking for virtual Pokémons out on the streets. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that even more games are starting to surface now.

A nuclear accident leads to a great adventure

Pokémon Uranium is a fan-made game that allows you to explore a large world and do what adventurers do best: save the world. However, your journey is that much more exciting when you also have to catch Pokémons and study them in order to complete the digital encyclopedia. In essence, the game is very much like most of the official releases from Nintendo, except that it features a different story and different characters.

Speaking of which, it all starts with a nuclear accident that causes a total meltdown and quite a few problems for the environment. However, this is all in the past, because your character starts his journey ten years later. The nuclear accident is starting to have serious effects, on the other hand, which is why you end up fighting ruthless villains that were shaped by the meltdown.

Catch Pokémons and use them in battle

The gameplay is about as exciting as you expect it to be, which means that there’s free exploration, a large world, quests, and last but not least, Pokémon battles. You can actually spend your time searching for Pokémons around the map and try to capture them, and there are many foes that try to put a stop to your progress along the way. Losing a fight causes your character to faint and return home, on the other hand, so it’s not that terrible if you happen to make a few mistakes.

The actual battle takes place in turns, and each trainer can use one Pokémon at a time, although you can replace it whenever it runs out of health or you decide to change tactics. Your character can pick up a variety of items that come in handy as well, not to mention the fact that your Pokémons evolve and gain experience along the way too. It’s a great formula, and although it’s not original it works nicely in this case as well.

The perfect way to enjoy the Pokémon universe without draining your phone battery

In the end, Pokémon Uranium is clearly not as interactive or as exciting as Pokémon Go, but it seems to have a bit more soul. The story is quite engaging, and you truly feel like you are going on an adventure from the first few minutes of gameplay. In addition, the world is big enough to make exploration pleasant.

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Pokémon Uranium was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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