The firmware update adds support for GeForce NOW Free Beta

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NVIDIA has now made available the download links for its new Developer-Only and Recovery OS images, namely the 7.1.0 firmware version, which implements support for GeForce NOW Free Beta on the SHIELD TV 2017, Android TV, and Android TV Pro consoles.

The current release also adds compatibility with 120 Hz display modes, implements an option to enable NVIDIA Share on Android Oreo, includes support for IFC, AMC, Boomerang, and Wired applications, and adds a shortcut to instantly sleep the SHIELD unit (quickly tap Home + Back).

Moreover, the producer updates apps such as YouTube, X-Ray (Prime Video), HDHomerun, Netflix, and Google Assistant (Multiple Languages), and adds support for games like Clockwork Tales, SnakEscape, Stickman Soccer 2018, and others as highlighted in the Release Notes below.

When it comes to installation, you should know that NVIDIA has provided both the Recovery OS and Developer-Only images for each Android TV and TV Pro consoles; make sure to read the update instructions before initiating the upgrade so that no problems are encountered.


To follow the instructions in this guide, you require the "adb" and "fastboot" utilities. These tools are provided as part of the Android SDK:

To setup the tools, follow one of Google's guides:



If you are running Windows and the standard Google adb USB driver does not detect the SHIELD device, you can use NVIDIA's driver:


To begin, connect your SHIELD via USB to the PC where you downloaded this recovery image.

- Insert a USB cable in the port nearest to the fan exhaust and connect the other end to the host PC

- Setup adb using one of the guides above

Next, put your SHIELD into fastboot mode using one of the following method:

Controller Method:

- Connect SHIELD Controller using a USB cable

- Use USB port near HDMI port for the Controller and USB port away for PC connection

- Hold Button-A and Button-B on SHIELD Controller and then insert power adapter to SHIELD

- Wait until you see Fastboot menu on HDMI display

- Use X/Y to navigate

- Use A to select

NOTE: You should leave the HDMI TV connected to SHIELD at all times.


Once in fastboot mode, navigate the menus using the controller.

- Use X/Y to navigate

- Use A to select


Your SHIELD may have shipped with a locked bootloader. To update the device, you must unlock the bootloader using the following command on the host PC: fastboot oem unlock

That command triggers a new page on the device headed '!!! READ THE FOLLOWING !!!'

- Read the warning on the screen

- To unlock the bootloader, select 'Confirm'

WARNING: Unlocking the bootloader securely formats the user data partition. This process PERMANENTLY DELETES all data such as photos, music, and downloads that have previously been stored on the device.


To flash the recovery image to your SHIELD, download and unpack the recovery image package. From the unpack directory, execute the commands below for your particular upgrade path.

If this is the first time you have done this procedure, you must unlock the bootloader (see above step).


Follow these instructions:


1. Ensure that the bootloader is unlocked (see above step)

Flashing instructions:

1. Execute these commands on the host PC:

fastboot flash staging blob

fastboot flash boot boot.img

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

fastboot flash system system.img

fastboot flash vendor vendor.img

fastboot reboot

With this in mind, download the appropriate package for your SHIELD model and configuration using the links below, carefully apply it on your device, and check our website as often as possible to stay “updated one minute ago.”

Download NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Firmware 7.1.0

Download NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro Firmware 7.1.0

Download NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 Firmware 7.1.0

Release Notes
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