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Smarter Battery icon Monitor the battery status of your laptop, perform calibration operations and place a small battery gadget on your screen with this user-friendly tool

Smarter Battery is a lightweight software application built specifically for helping you monitor the battery status of your laptop and perform calibration operations for extending and improving your battery lifespan.

Modern design with intuitive options

It sports a clean and straightforward layout that allows you to set up the dedicated parameters with just a few clicks.

The program provides useful data about the battery’s capacity during charging or discharging sessions, such as time, wear level, and discharging cycle value.

What’s more, Smarter Battery is able to offer you general information about your battery, such designed and current capacity, full-charged and maximum capacity, current voltage, charge rate, device name, manufacturer, temperature, serial number, as well as warning and low level alert data. Additionally, you can save the information to a plain text file.

The utility lets you view the battery capacity evolution displayed in a graph, zoom in or out of the graph, save the graph to JPG file format, as well check the small gadget for observing the battery status on the fly.

Adjust power options and configure alerts

You are offered the possibility to make the tool run at Windows startup, enable the log monitoring process for saving data to a plain text file, which includes details about the discharging and calibrating processes, as well as play sound and voice notifications when battery events are triggered.

Plus, you can make the application display battery advice, enable or disable the battery gadget, and show warning alerts at a user-defined remaining time or capacity percentage by playing beeps or voice messages, changing the brightness, muting the system volume, or disabling the Aero effects.

When the Critical Alert function is activated, you can make Smarter Battery turn off the monitor or put your system in a standby or hibernate mode based on a user-defined battery values.

Last but not least, you can carry out calibration operations, view the total number of applied calibrations, full discharging cycles, cycles during calibration, battery usage time, wear level, and maximum wear level and capacity, increase the CPU in order to speed up the discharging process, perform read/write operations, as well as view the CPU usage.

When it comes to configuring the battery gadget settings, it is possible to change its size, modify its style, adjust the opacity, and select a power plan.

To sum it up

All in all, Smarter Battery offers a complete suite of tools for helping you monitor that battery status of your laptop and prolong its lifespan. Its intuitive interface and advanced functions make it an ideal application for beginners and professionals alike.

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Smarter Battery was reviewed by Ana Marculescu

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