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Espresso ELN icon An electronic lab notebook for chemists, enabling them to conduct experiments and create comprehensive reports about reactions and their results

Espresso ELN is a useful piece of software that can meet the requirements of both experienced chemists and aspiring students that want to broaden their knowledge base. It provides an advanced chemistry electronic lab notebook that enables them to run experiments, view results and write down conclusions.

Conduct chemistry experiments

The application bundles a rich collection of pre-defined experiments that can help you get familiarized with the worksheets and functions. Alternatively, you can create a new user and build a new experiment from scratch.

Espresso ELN can perform stoichiometric calculations and display compelling graphical schemes for all chemical reactions. It features advanced search capabilities for reaction substructures, enabling you to query the integrated materials database and find the reactant you need.

Integrated chemical editor

The built-in chemical drawing editor (called 'ChemBytes Draw') seamlessly integrates with other applications such as ISIS/Draw and ChemDraw to allow the quick editing of chemical schemes. You can use it to design bonds between atoms and modify their properties to reflect the desired reaction.

Organize your experiment

Espresso ELN can help you log details about each step of the experiment, keeping track of every procedure and operation. It stores details about combined materials, reagents, solvents, quantities, molar masses, temperatures and other properties. Moreover, it enables you to insert images or PDF documents inside your worksheets, in order to make them much more appealing.

Experiments can be protected using digital signatures or saved locally to your computer for later processing, while stored data can be backed up to a user-defined location.

Generate conclusive and well-organized reports

Espresso ELN allows reactions substructure searches and enables you to build a complete experiment report, with integrated images and reaction schemes that can explain the procedure. It is a handy tool for anyone who is passionate about chemistry.

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Espresso ELN was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
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Espresso ELN 8.5.2

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