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Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro icon Significantly enhance the quality of your videos by correcting shaky footage and optimizing colors and contrasts using this application

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is a tool designed to help you improve the quality of your videos. To be more precise, the app allows you to correct various mishaps due to different external factors but also lets you add effects, text, watermarks and ameliorate the overall colors and contrast for a more powerful effect.

Supports time lapse and helps you fix shaky videos    

The application comes with a two tabs interface, namely a quick one where you can batch process videos you shot under the same conditions and an advanced tab, where you can edit each parameter thoroughly. The Quick View tab displays a list with all the parameters for each file added, but you can select the settings or effects to be added or corrected for each clip.

In the eventuality that you are preparing a video for upload, then perhaps it may be better to edit it in the Advanced View tab. As you probably hinted, this tab permits you to make more fine-tuned adjustments and edit exposure, shadows, highlights, RGB and similar settings in a more professional manner.

Enhance videos using text and numerous other effects

The program packs a set of tools that provide an effortless way to remove unwanted elements that may have been caught by mistake in the outer areas of your videos. At the same time, you can apply denoise, stabilize, adjust the playback speed, deflicker and rotate for a more powerful message.

In case you want to share your work online, then the app allows you to add a text or a watermark which can act as a logo or that you can employ to send a personal message to your viewers. Moreover, you can add or edit the metadata and hence, protect your work from anyone who would like to use it without your permission.

A straightforward tool for enhancing your videos' quality

With a wide supports in terms of HD cameras, codecs and resolutions, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro could be a fantastic app for anyone who wants to get started in this field. Not only can you make your videos more appealing, but you can add metadata that makes it safe to upload it to various streaming services and social networks.

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Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro was reviewed by Alexandra Sava

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Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 1.0.0

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