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ArangoDB icon A database server that supports graphs and geo-algorithms, providing a console-based shell and a web interface for easy management

ArangoDB provides you with and easy to configure database server that is not based on SQL, featuring a flexible data model to help you store key-value pairs, graphs and documents. It includes a server, a separate shell for server administration and a collection of client APIs.

Use the AQL query language to build your project

The server can run in two different modes: as a standard server that waits for client connections or as an emergency console, providing one-click access to the database in case of disaster, but without responding to client connection requests.

ArangoDB provides support for graphs, geo-algorithms and SSD. It enables you to create professional applications using the AQL query language (which is similar to SQL) and extend their functionality with the help of JavaScript or Ruby extensions.

Console-based shell to manage collections and documents

The package also includes a command-line shell that goes by the name of Arangosh, which provides basic administration options for the ArangoDB server. With its help, you can view and manage collections and documents, create new databases or collections, execute ad-hoc AQL queries, and more.

Integrated web-based administration dashboard

To ease your work, ArangoDB also features a user-friendly web interface that you can use to manage collections, view graphs and applications. The dashboard displays detailed information regarding received requests, virtual size and client connections, alongside graphs that show statistical server data, such as the number of requests per second, the transfer size, the average request time distribution, or the number of threads.

The web GUI of ArangoDB also includes a comprehensive AQL editor, which enables you to write your own scripts and execute them. The editor features syntax highlighting, line numbering, undo and redo commands, comment insertion options, and a predefined set of queries you can insert with just a click to save time.

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