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TurboFTP Server icon Powerful FTP/SFTP server that helps you set up multiple virtual domains on a physical host machine, map local folders to virtual ones, work with SSH connections, and authenticate the connecting user with ODBC, NTLM, LDAP or Active Directory

TurboFTP Server is a file transfer server that offers support for FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS, and SFTP over SSH services, virtual domains, advanced directory access control, virtual folders, IP access control, real-time monitoring options and remote administration.

User interface

The GUI looks clean and integrates wizards for helping rookies set up several parameters by following the built-in steps.

The tool displays a list with the servers and domains that you want to monitor and integrates a multi-tabbed layout for managing the servers, namely server status, domain list, administrator, remote administration, IP access, logging options, SSL certifications, and SSH keys.

Server and domain configuration settings

You can add a new server by providing details about the name, address, type (local or remote), and port. When it comes to defining a new domain you are allowed to specify the name of the new domain, IP address the domain listens to and port number, pick the authentication method, create default FTP folders under root, create and assign home folders for new users automatically, and launch the domain.

Defining users and creating groups

A new user can be defined by setting up the authentication parameters (account name and password). Additionally, you can make the application generate a random password, enter the user’s home directory, lock user in home directory, enable access rights to home directory (full or read-only), and assign a group membership to the current user. You can organize users in different groups and add user class.

Server management features

TurboFTP Server lets you connect/disconnect to/from the server, start or stop all domains, refresh the settings for the current item, as well as make use of a built-in wizard for creating a new certificate by specifying the name, output local directory, key length in bits, expiration date, key type (RSA or DSA), passphrase, and subject information (e.g. name, email, unit, organization, state, country).

Furthermore, you are allowed to generate an SSH key pair, open the log for the current server and add the program to the Windows Firewall exception list.

The tool reveals information about the server status, such as user connection, download and upload speed, started and running time, processor number, memory usage and Windows version, and lets you manage domain list, alter admin settings, and open a port on the machine running TurboFTP Server to allow it to be locally or remotely managed.

You can apply IP filters at domain and user level, select the folder where the logs are saved, export logs to W3C extended log format or NCSA common log format, import SSL certificates from PEM or CRT file format, and import SSH keys from PEM, KEY or PPK file format.

You can control connection to the server at both domain and user level (including maximum number of connections and login failures, session idle timeout, login time restriction), and map any local folder path to a virtual server folder.

The app lets you select SSH key exchange algorithms, ciphers, compression algorithms and MAC algorithms, access a virtual file system via a web interface, monitor users’ activity and view the overall domain read time performance with the aid of a graph that includes number of users, download and upload rate, as well as authenticate using an external connection with ODBC, NTLM, LDAP or Active Directory.

An overall powerful and reliable server

All in all, TurboFTP Server comes with all the right tools for helping you configure FTP/SFTP servers with the aid of advanced tweaking parameters. Good news is that it mixes up an intuitive layout with power options, and the tool is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

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TurboFTP Server was reviewed by Ana Marculescu on Oct 1st, 2014

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